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Tin Geber

Tin Geber

The Engine Room


Tin has a background in media theory, experiential learning, and web development. His goal is to simplify the relationship between technology, data, and human beings through stories well told.

Tin is part of the engine room team: he mainly assists organizations who are looking to build their technology, support, and advocacy strategies.

The engine room is a non-profit organization that investigates and supports the effective use of data and technology in advocacy. This involves a combination of applied research, generating evidence and providing direct strategic and material support to activists and organizations using data and technology in their work. Depending on the needs of a project, the engine room can provide access to technical resources, strategic guidance, information about comparable projects, and project mentorship.

Tin is working extensively with the Balkan region, Zasto Ne and the ActionSEE network. He plays an active support role on several other engine room projects, including the Responsible Data Forum and the Matchbox. Tin also develops experiential learning processes, games and interactive experiences on a variety of social issues like sexual assault, protection of human rights defenders, digital security and immigration.

In the past, he helped shape global online land rights accountability projects like the Land Matrix and the Datashift.

Tin is often snarky on Twitter, and almost never updates his blog.