Toni Richard Crisolli

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Smart City Education Initiative

Toni Richard Crisolli is project manager at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom FNF, co-founder and lead of the Smart City Education Initiative SCEI.

Toni`s professional focus lies on creating conditions that will allow collaboration and co-creation among stakeholders, in key areas, such as smart city development, digital transformation and smart mobility. His main tools are informal education, knowledge transfer and match-making. Since 2017, Toni is one of the organizers of the Smart City Festival.

Before joining the FNF, Toni worked in the tech and design industries – which had great influence on his working methods. For over a decade, Toni is an active trainer and consultant in digital communication, marketing and online-augmented learning, specialized in organizations and institutions. In his beloved free time, Toni is a passionate content creator online and community manager in the entertainment industry.