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Van Anh Dam

Van Anh Dam



Over the years Vân Anh has co-created several digital education programs in Poland, Indonesia and Europe for various organizations, including Kids Code Fun coding school, Girls Code Fun Foundation, Central Technology Hub in Warsaw and Koding Next in Jakarta. She lead and supported teams that helped over 50 000 individuals gain tech skills or have better understanding of technology’s social, economic, and political impact.  Vân Anh joined the international INCO Group as Country Manager in Poland to empower diverse communities with skills necessary to participate in tech-driven future. And therefore strengthen social impact innovations and encourage diversity and social awareness in the tech sector.

Being a female professional in tech education, born in Vietnam and raised in Poland, she witnessed inequalities based on gender and social class, as well as challenges of minority communities. With that background, she is ever aware of the importance of supporting individuals facing cultural and socio-economic barriers in their efforts to join tech opportunities.