Vukosava Crnjanski Šabovic

Vukosava Crnjanski SabovicVukosava Crnjanski Šabović is the founder and director of the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA), an independent non-profit civil society organization. CRTA advocates transparent and accountable decision making and uses ICT to empower citizens and media to become active as watchdogs. CRTA monitoring projects – Istinomer, Otvoreni parlament and Prati pare – disclose information about decision makers own accountability, parliamentary work and local public spending and promote accountability as a core value in democratic societies.

Vukosava has worked for National Democratic Institute since 2003, providing capacity building trainings for members of political parties, government officials, institutions and various non-governmental organizations. She works as a trainer and consultant for various international foundations and NGOs such as OSCE, USAID/Institute for Sustainable Communities, Westminster Foundation for Democracy and most recently she engaged in continuous work with senior management of Serbian Parliament with an aim to develop capacities of parliamentary services. In the last ten years, Crnjanski trained several thousand people on topics such as advocacy, strategic planning, management skills, political campaigning, public speaking and appearances, etc.

Vukosava holds an EMBA degree from the Cotrugli Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Management from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. She is currently in the process of acquiring MA degree in Human Resources Management from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade.