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Vullnet Kabashi

Vullnet Kabashi

Parliament of Kosovo


Vullnet Kabashi, currently works at Parliament of Kosovo, holding possition of Head of IT and Member of Forum for Transparency.

Graduated from Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Croatia with specialization in Applied Mathematics; Mathematical Statistics & Computer Science and PhD Candidate, University of Ljubljana.

Participated at: Information and Communication Technologies in Legislatures – 2009, Washington, D.C., The House Democracy Partnership – U.S. House of Representatives. World e-parliament conference – 2009, Washington, D.C. ICT4D 2016 Conference – 2016, Nairobi.

Stanford University’s online curse: Technology for Accountability Lab – 2016. OGP World Summit – 2016, Paris

Before joining the Parliament he worked as University lecturer for more than ten years as well as Head of Management Information Systems at Catholic Relief Services – an US Humanitarian Agency.