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Žilvinas Šilėnas

Žilvinas Šilėnas

Lithuanian Free Market Institute


Žilvinas Šilėnas is President of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute. Žilvinas has a 10-year experience in research, policy analysis and advocacy. He has led numerous research projects, authored and co-authored numerous studies, policy papers, position notes, and legislative proposal packages. His fields of expertise include taxation, business regulation, social policy, energy, and general macro-economic policy.

Žilvinas appears regularly in major Lithuanian and international media outlets, runs a weekly radio show and is regularly invited to deliver speeches to major international and national conferences and public events, briefings and round table discussions. He has been recently named the 4th most influential opinion leader in Lithuania. Žilvinas is also a co-author of an award-winning economics textbook for upper secondary schools Economics in 31 Hours. He holds a Master’s degree in financial economics from the ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania and a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Wesleyan University, USA.