POINT 7.0 Conference @ Art kino Kriterion

Art Kino Kriterion

Address: Obala Kulina bana 2
71000 Sarajevo
Bosna i Hercegovina

Sarajevo’s arthouse cinema is centrally located on the bank of the Miljacka river, next to the tram line rumbling towards Baščaršija.

In five years since it opened, the cinema and cafe have quickly become popular stop-offs among Sarajevo’s intelligentsia for movies, art exhibits, dance parties and coffee. The theatre’s location just across the river from Sarajevo University’s Academy of Fine Arts makes it a favourite among students and professors alike. It’s common to see young civil-society activists plotting outreach campaigns after taking in a show. The cinema’s proximity to the European Union delegation building, where hundreds of Eurocrats work to prepare Bosnia and Herzegovina for EU accession, attracts liberal professionals from across the continent. In a country still afflicted by homophobia, Kriterion is one of the few places open to everyone.

Web: www.kriterion.ba / www.facebook.com/KriterionSarajevo