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Media in BiH local elections amid the pandemic

May 6, 2021 | by: Alisa Karović

Elections are always a very challenging time for the media and journalists, even more when the election process is happening in very tense political areas such as Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The challenges grew bigger during the pandemic. So, the media in BiH were faced with a totally new situation when it comes to reporting on the elections. 

We talked to Mediacenter’s Sarajevo expert Elvira Jukić-Mujkić regarding the impact of the pandemic on the reporting and work of the journalists around the local elections in November and December 2020. 

Elvira discussed the practical issues journalists faced, as well as the impact of disinformation on the elections. She also talked about the impact of the changes in the perception and implementation of the pre-election campaign, thus providing an overview of all the media related issues about local elections during the pandemic in BiH.