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UNDP MN – Montenegro Tweets

May 22, 2014 | by:

Sanja BojanicFirst regional presentation at this year’s POINT 3.0 conference was held by Sanja Bojanic from UNDP in Montenegro who presented a project titled “Montenegro Tweets” which was conducted in cooperation with the Center for Democratic Transition in Podgorica.

“The message of the campaign was Engage to Change, and it came from Sweden when the government gave citizens twitter account. In Montenegro, we did not do exactly the same thing. We opened the account and announced that we will choose 24 people to Tweet for a week over a period of six months. The intention was that the activities in the online world shift in the offline world and to promote new faces to who will bring the debate in the twitter community to the offline world, “explained Bojanic and added that in order for their campaign to move from online to offline world it’s necessary to form a partnership with other media, like TV show “Robin Hood” or portal

“In this way we wanted that new people, not the persons who are constantly appearing in public and the media, get their own space and to lead the debate on other grounds,” said Bojanic and explained that people tweeted about people with special needs, environmental issues and other matters.
For the half-year duration of this project, this account gathered 1540 followers and 6000 tweets were published, which resulted in numerous initiatives being started in Montenegro.

You can see presentation by Sanja Bojanic in the link below.