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Panel discussion about current events in Ukraine

May 16, 2014 | by:

Protesti KiewOn the first day of POINT 3.0 conference, we will be handling a panel discussion on current events in Ukraine. Throughout the discussion, we will have the opportunity to find out how the local activists performed “housekeeping” for former president Yanukovych, and also hear interesting analysis of current developments in the field.

Anna Babinetz one of the founders of the YanukovychLeaks project will talk about how in February Kiev activists with the help of divers pulled close to 200 folders with documents out of the lake near the residence of former president. These documents are analyzed and published on the Internet, and are available to the public.

Dmytro Potekhin, a political analyst from the Ukraine, and a consultant in the field of non-violent resistance, who coordinated campaigns that led to the “Orange Revolution” 2005th year will be our second panelist.

Also you will have the opportunity to hear Stevan Dojčinović from the Center for Investigative Reporting in Serbia, who works on the project research and reporting on organized crime and corruption (OCCRP). His specialty is the study of organized criminal groups and their connections with the Balkan businessmen, politicians, privatization, money laundering, private security agencies and the gambling industry.

This panel will be moderated by Anna Sienicka, Senior Director of Foundation TechSoup from Poland and TechSoup Europe.

This panel discussion is planned for 14:00 on Thursday, May 22nd.