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POINT and Mixer are joining forces this year!

March 7, 2023 | by: Sofija

Ever since its start back in 2012, POINT has been nurturing partnerships as one of its main values. The POINT conference started as a partnership of regional organizations and individuals from the ACTION SEE network that wanted to share experiences and talk about collaboration and use the conference to expand their views and connections. Since then, we have been relying on partners to make POINT what it is today. 

You must be wondering who is our new partner?

This year, we are partnering with Mixer!

Mixer acts as a support for media, journalists and creators who want to produce their own journalistic, multimedia or storytelling projects. They believe that the best journalism is achieved in a shared and inclusive way when it is open to many inputs, backgrounds and forms.

Through their work, they combine the practice of their journalists with research and other experts to get the best results. Through this approach, with the knowledge and experience they have, Mixer wants to get the best out of European journalism.

Mixer and POINT will jointly curate this year’s agenda, as well as bring together people to participate in the conference. As a result of this cooperation, part of the conference will be designed by Mixer and will cover interesting topics such as podcasts, YouTube channels and their influence on modern activists, media and journalism, but also various other aspects of the influence of video through social networks.

As in previous years, the participants of the conference will be coming from different parts of the world. Mixer will play a significant role in connecting POINT’s participants from the Western Balkan countries with participants from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as with people who work in the media from all these countries.

Great things happen through good partnerships, which is why we expect POINT 11 to be the best edition of the POINT conference yet.

Together, we will create a quality program, bring great speakers, ensure the possibility of networking and good fun, and all this with excellent organization and great energy.

Follow Mixer’s and POINT’s websites and stay up to date with all the upcoming information regarding the conference.

We are waiting for you, so it is important that you note the dates of the conference and do not plan anything else during that period 🙂.