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POINT conference in new online format – PointTalks

January 22, 2021 | by: Dalio Sijah

After a year of the pandemic in which we, unfortunately, could not have the conference in the usual way, POINT is coming back in 2021 in a new online format – “POINT Talks”. We want to ensure that POINT initiative continues to live and grow until all the conditions are met to organize the live POINT Conference.  

PointTalks as an online community building platform is designed to respond to the needs of the community, regarding the topics of interest and importance of networking, exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Point Talks will offer various content through the Topic of the Month – from live online panel discussions and presentations on a particular topic, individual interviews with relevant speakers and panelists, to numerous content from previous editions of the POINT conference related to the topic of the month. Therefore, we designed the content as “60-second” interviews, feature live story, PointTalks live, but we are also planning various online presentations and workshops.  

These online events will allow broader community involvement and engagement, which we hope, will result in a set of permanent, meaningful resources for community use. What these online events aim to do is to include and recall Point community and also to engage new people with the same goals. 

All content will be available on the platform, as well as on our website, and social networks.

POINT Conference (Political Accountability and New Technologies) is the largest conference of this type in the region and seeks to be a platform for civil society that encourages the use of new technologies.