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Transitions Online at Point conference

January 26, 2012 | by:

Transitions (TOL) is one of Central and Eastern Europe’s leading journalism and new media training institutions, with regular workshops across the region for journalists, NGO representatives, youth organizations, aspiring citizen journalists, and others. Our main publication is Transitions Online, an Internet magazine that covers political, social, cultural, and economic issues in the former communist countries of Europe and Central Asia.

The magazine has a strong network of local contributors, who provide valuable insights into events and issues in the region’s 29 countries. From our early emphasis on online, on-the-job training for young reporters, we now organize specialized seminars for the region’s journalists and distance learning courses on a variety of themes, such as covering EU integration, minorities, the environment, and education. TOL also offers a wide range of instruction in web publishing and new media, including sessions on online security, the tools of social media, and the basics of blogging, especially in societies without a free press.

Our workshops for civil society organizations focus on similar topics, with the goal of using new and social media to increase civic participation and the power of NGOs to influence public debate. TOL has either organized or co-organized Social Innovation Camps in
Bratislava, Sarajevo, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan.