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ACTIONSEE: Government transparency – How to make an impactful regional project? @ Hotel Holiday

May 13, 2019 | by: Dalio Sijah

Good governance is key to rule of law. And while issues of corruption, transparency, rule of law and good governance are always in the spotlight, there remains a lack of understanding and systemic problems that hardly receive sufficient coverage. The project aims to raise awareness of such challenges by facilitating cooperation among civic organisations and consolidated strategic efforts for representation.

The ACTION SEE project was created on the basis of the project partners’ experiences gained in the implementation of projects at a national, regional and international level with the aim of strengthening civic organisations for a more efficient and more significant inclusion in the policy creation processes.

ACTION SEE provides a platform for dialogue between significant stakeholders and a concrete tool to measure the degree to which state institutions uphold principles and standards of open governance (Openness Index).

This workshop will reflect on the project and its results, the whole process including the implementation of advocacy events, sub-granting and the creation of the Regional Openness Index, as well as the current success of the project so far, and the challenges of working with 6 countries from the region.

Workshop location: