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Agata Jałosińska – Digital Storytelling

May 19, 2014 | by:

So, you want to tell a story?

Something about your non-profit, something that would push your agenda forward? Let’s give it a try. If you know what to say and you say it well, you will be heard. This workshop will guide you through a process of: defining your story, shaping the message and adapting to the communications tool you want to use, as well as creating a sketch for production.

We will dive into a Digital Storytelling toolbox and focus on:

  • Things like: character, narrative, plot, drama
  • Analyzing storytelling examples
  • Understanding different forms of storytelling: film, clip, poster, photo, infographic, etc.
  • Adapting a story to a specific channel
  • Creating your own story based on a given case study
  • Designing a prototype of a film, an infographic, a poster