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Be responsible, it’s up to you – grey economy 0%

May 15, 2014 | by:

The project “Be responsible” emerged as a result of aspirations of the programming team in Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Podgorica to express their social contribution towards solving problems of importance to the citizens of Montenegro. Problems at which resolution we want to influence via this project, are present in everyday life and they are:

  • Grey economy (non-issuement of fiscall bills, breaking consumers’ rights, black market)
  • Ecological irregularities
  • Irregularities in traffic
  • Abuse of government vehicles

Apart from the abovementioned problems we added a category in which we promote positive examples. Positive examples can be used as a guiddeline on how to responsibly act towards our surroundings and how to soleve numerous problems in the society.

Projekat je namijenjen da bude od koristi kako građanima Crne Gore, koji prijavljuju nepravilnosti, tako i institucijama koje su zadužene za njihovo efikasno rješavanje.

The project was ment to be usefula both to the citizens who are faced with problems and to the officials and institutions solving them.

In December 2013 we launched a campaign „Be responsible, it’s up to you – Grey economy 0%“, durig which we achieved significant results in fighting grey economy. The goal of the project is to encourage citizens to report irregularities in the area of grey economy via mobile and web app „Be responsible“ or vie call centers of Bureao for inspection of Tax bureau of Montenegro and help the institutions deal with this negative phenomenon more effectively. Rules of the campaign state that half of the money collected from fines in the area of green economy is to be directed to socially useful purposes. In that way, from the fines collected from the categories of non-issuement of fiscal bills, breaking consumers’ rights and black market, from December 2013 to April 2014, 400.000 euros was collected from approximately 1200 reports. Half of that money (200.000 euros) was used for: procuring equipement for Insitute for childrens’ diseases at Clinical center of Montenegro, procuring equipement for Daily centers for children in municipalities Nikšić, Cetinje and Plav, for arrangement of Cemosko field in Podgorica and for reconstruction of Home for elderly in Risno.

„Be responsible“ app was ranked among 7 top world solutions in the area of social innovation on recently held OGP Summit in London.


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