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Outriders Labs: Data journalism in the agile world @ CIS

May 10, 2019 | by: Dalio Sijah

This workshop with Jacopo Ottaviani, chief data officer with Code for Africa, will focus on the practicalities on real-time data reporting.

Workshop will be held on Saturday May 18th from 12:00h till 13:30h.

The agile methodology can be applied to handle transnational teams of designers, developers and journalists to produce data journalism projects with quick turn-around. During the workshop, we’ll explore such methodology and the ways to apply it to multiple scenarios and topics.

Jacopo Ottaviani is a journalist and computer scientist experienced in data visualisation, in-depth storytelling and cross-border data journalism projects. He spearheads Code for Africa’s data journalism story production and engagement strategies in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania. Jacopo has experience in building partnerships with key local news organisations and organises community events that foster collaboration between journalists, designer s, and technologists.

Workshop location: