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Data Storytelling and Using Multimedia to Engage People

May 16, 2013 | by:

First day of POINT 2.0 conference will feature presentations on the effect that visualization of data and production of media stories can have on civic initiatives and also how “Data storytelling” can be used in in various settings, including Central, Eastern, South-Eastern Europe, and North Africa. Presenters will illustrate the power of combining various multimedia contents for transmitting ideas and initiatives to the public.

Information on presenters:

Moderacija: Anna Kuliberda (Tech Soup, Poland)
Marek Tuszyński (Tactical Tech Collective, Germany)
Perihan Abou-Zaid (Qabilla, Egypt)
Darko Soković (Dokukino, Serbia)
Larry Fergesson (Cyprus Community Media Center, Cyprus)
Darko Brkan (UG Zašto ne, BiH)