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InTheRoom and Holographic Human Element

May 20, 2013 | by:

IntheroomThe final night of POINTfun program, Saturday 25th of May, will feature two new bands from BiH –InTheRoom and Holographic Human Element.

InTheRoom gathers a group of music enthusiasts which creates music outside of genre constraints as part of an experimental-instrumental project, which was started in 2011, including members of  KillingJazzHardcoreBaby, KZU ole ole & PZU oje oje, Don Guido, Misionari, Propeler.

Holographic Human Element is a post rock experimental band founded in 2012. They describe their music as transmitting all thoughts into sound and an abstract listening experience where the emotion is projected to the public, awakening the peak of the Gauss curve buried under layers of viscerality.