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Measuring Truth and Accountability of Government

May 16, 2013 | by:

One of the biggest problems in transition states of South-East Europe is the relation between the election promises of political parties and the fulfillment of election promises by elected officials. During election campaigns, the public is accustomed to hearing the same slogans which are more in tune to daily political events instead of being presented with election programs that would include goals and measures political parties aim to implement once in power. Most citizens vote based on their subjective evaluation of candidates instead of political programs, therefore it is difficult to evaluate activities of political parties once in power.

Participants of this session will present the “Istinomjer” (Truth-o-meter) project, which is successfully realized in Serbia, BiH, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Albania, including the presentation of a similar project “Morsimeter” which evaluates election promises given by the current Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Presenters during the session include:

Tijana Cvjetićanin (Zašto ne, BiH)
Aldo Merkoci (Mjaft, Albania)
Milica Kovačević (Centar za Demokratsku Tranziciju, Crna Gora)
Vukosava Crnjanski Šabović (CRTA, Srbija)
Morsimeter – Egypt
Elena Ignatova (Metamorphosis, Macedonia)