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Zupany HTc & Crni Dule

January 22, 2012 | by:

Zupany HTc & Crni DuleAt PointFun programme, on Friday, February 17th will perform freestyle DJ duo from Novi Sad (Serbia), Zupany HTc, frontman of fusion hip-hop group Hain Teny  and Crni Dule, DJ pioneer in Novi Sad, resident dj on Exit Festival 00 (Exit festival first and one month long edition) and their regular contributor.

Zupany HTc and Crni Dule, last two years working as a producers on “Natural Born Groovers”, by breaking beats they are levitate through the nu jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop, electronic.

At POINT conference Zupany HTc will also promote his solo work, and announce long expected release of Hain Teny collective – Daily Routine EP.

They will perform with Audio InFunktion-a, and by their choice you will enjoy music range from underground beats-a, over funk, soul and hip-hop to ultimate dance genres and contemporary sounds.