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Register to participate in the POINT 11 Conference

May 30, 2023 | by: Sofija

We’re thrilled to invite local activists, representatives of non-governmental organisations, media, students and all those interested in political responsibility, new technologies, media literacy, fact-checking or human rights, to apply to participate in this year’s conference.

The POINT 11 Conference will take place in Sarajevo, in Dom mladih (the Youth House), on the 15th-16th of June, 2023.

And this year, we have something new!

POINT and Mixer have teamed up and jointly curated the agenda.

Mixer strongly supports media, journalists and creators who want to produce their own journalistic, multimedia or storytelling projects. The team at Mixer believes that the best journalism is achieved in a shared and inclusive way when it is open to many inputs, backgrounds and forms. Therefore, as a result of this innovative collaboration, part of the conference will be designed by Mixer. It will cover exciting topics including podcasts, YouTube channels and their influence on modern activists, media and journalism, as well as various other aspects regarding the impact of video content through social networks.

But wait, there’s more! The POINT 11 Conference will also include panel discussions on topics such as new developments around big tech; preventing and fighting disinformation; ways to improve credible journalism; different aspects of the invasion of Ukraine and its impacts; the technology of civic engagement, promotion of democracy (AI, automated fact-checking, tools for digital participation); the hype around AI and its effects on civil society and democracy promotion; human rights and technology; as well as important regional and local events like US presidential, EU elections or elections in the region.

If you’re eager to join us and participate in the POINT 11 Conference, please register HERE

Also, don’t forget to check out a detailed program available on our website. 

Important notice:
This call is open for local participants only, so we don’t cover accommodation and travel costs.
The working language of the conference is English, and we don’t provide translation to your native language.