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Sandra Benčić: Parliamentary elections in Croatia

June 9, 2021 | by: Alisa Karović

One of the most interesting elections during the pandemic in the SEE region were the parliamentary elections in Croatia. Not so much because of the effect of the pandemic, since it was pretty much similar compared to other countries, but because of the changes in the political scene that happened there. 

These changes are mostly because of the biggest “surprise” of the elections called “Možemo!” (We can!), a political movement that was formed by a number of civil society activists, grassroots political movements and smaller local progressive parties in Croatia. It has had great results in the elections, especially in Zagreb and other parts of the country.

For the Point Talks session on the elections, we talked to Sandra Benčić, a long time civil society activist, now a newly elected parliamentarian. We talked about the elections, the influence of the pandemic, the results of “Možemo!”, and the general political changes in Croatia and the future perspectives.