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Sarajevo #HackingPolitics hackton: Apply now!

May 10, 2017 | by: Alisa Karović

Join us at #HackingPolitics hackathon and let’s create exciting digital tools!

#HackingPolitics is a meeting point for digital practicioners, creatives and political activists: participants are joining their forces and producing ideas, projects and tools to hack the social and political processes for the better.

Event is part of POINT conference, taking place in Sarajevo from 27-28th of May, open to anyone you who thinks digital technologies can make a difference in the world today.

We have two challenges for this hacking session:

  1. Better understanding of politics and government using smart visual techniques

    How would you use digital (interactive?) visualisation to make the institutional and political chaos – accessible?

    The majority of citizens don’t have a clue how state and various levels of government work. Even those working within the government don’t fully understand all the complexity they are a part of.

    Where decisions are being made and who is responsible? Who makes them? Relations and connections among political institution?

  1. Interactive governance challenge –  How would you make goverment – talk with you?”

    How about making government – interactive and dialogue oriented?

    What if government (national or local) could easily ask you for your opinion?

    Or you could propose something you find important, directly to the decision makers?

    If city administration or any government official / body wants to talk with its citizens – which tool would it use?

Let’s make some great digital tools together!


Important to know:


  • Hackathon lasts 12 hours.
  • Teams have at least one developer and are composed of maximum 5 people.
  • Participants are bringing their own laptops.
  • Participants choose one of two challenges to work on, individually or in teams.
  • Participants can propose their own ideas for applications, and apply their own team for hackathon
  • Accomodation and travel expenses will be covered for selected participants!
  • Call for Serbian applicants is opened till 17 May.