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TechSoup Balkans – A bridge between CSO and software donor

May 26, 2016 | by: Dalio Sijah

During the second session we were presented TechSoup Balkans that calls itself “a bridge between CSO and software donor”. The organization’s role is to provide NGO’s with technology, services and consultancy at low or no cost. This should make CSO job easier and more efficient.

Point 5.0 Day 1 06

As the speakers Sanela Lulić (Mozaik Foundation, BiH) and Adrijana Selmani (Metamorphosis Foundation, Macedonia) stated, technology has become crucial in the working environment and has also became part of our everyday lives.

During their presentation they showed the evolution of technology form the first computer to a transparent device, invisible to the user. The technology nowadays makes our life much easier, even if we do not have any advanced technology knowledge, and has became necessary work tool for NGO’s.

Lulić and Selmani explained how to use the TechSoup platform, presented the registration process and the eligibility criteria.

More info is available on TechSoup Balkans webpage: