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Huridocs – Tools for Human Rights

June 10, 2014 | by:

FriedhelmHURIDOCS is an organization that emphasizes the importance of different information for the purpose of human rights, and was founded 1982 in Geneva. In recent years, this organization is engaged in the development of applications for collecting and displaying this data. Friedhelm Weinberg spoke about the HURIDOCS project.

Friedhelm first introduced the Casebox application which actually represents a virtual office for the organization and can be used in for organization of various projects, collaboration on documents and publication of data on the Internet.

One example of the application of this application is which was implemented in Georgia in cooperation with four local organizations. is in fact a portal for free access to information, and moreover it measures the effect of government in responding to these requests.

Another project that Friedhelm introduced is OpenEvsys, a project that has been developed in 1989.

OpenEvsys is a database of human rights violations, which enables analysis of that data and its visualization, which allows better advocacy in specific communities, and it’s used by numerous organizations such as Amnesty International. The application is available in 10 languages ​​and is free of charge.

“Once you enter data in a form it’s very easy to use it later, analyze it, map it and visualize it,” said Friedhelm.