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Youth activism and elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the pandemic – “Oštra Nula” Banja Luka

April 1, 2021 | by: Dalio Sijah

During the election campaign for the Local Elections in BiH 2020, the association “Oštra Nula” from Banja Luka organized the campaign, titled “When one day is worth four years”. The goal was to motivate citizens to use their civil rights and vote in the elections.

The campaign was organized in partnership with the Youth Movement Revolt, based in Tuzla, under the slogan “Be the voice of reason!”. As part of the campaign during October 2020, a total of five street actions were held in Čelinac, Gradiška, Novi Grad, Prijedor and Derventa.

As a part of the POINT Talks program, we talked to Milica Pralica, an activist from “Oštra Nula”, and discussed about the interest of young people in the elections and what are the motives that drive them.