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Collaboration done right: Sessions brought to you by Mixer

June 6, 2023 | by: Sofija

POINT and Mixer jointly curated this year’s conference agenda, thus bringing together many speakers to participate in the conference.

As a result of this cooperation, part of the first day of the POINT Conference is designed by Mixer and it will cover topics such as podcast creation, YouTube channels and their influence and impact on society, media and journalism. Starting from 12 p.m. until the end of the first day, participants will have the opportunity to engage in the following sessions: 


Moments, which could have been told differently

A touch on 4 stories from the Balkan War, which never been widely covered by media. Because instead of thousands of people producing photos/visuals, there were only a couple of photographers on the ground. How do new media change our perspective of the war we will have a honor to speak to Ron Haviv, famous war photographer and co-founder of VII Photo Agency.

In the last three decades, Ron has covered more than twenty-five conflicts and worked in over one hundred countries. He has published four critically acclaimed collections of photography. Ron’s work, which has won numerous awards, is featured in museums and galleries worldwide. This talk will be hosted by Jakub Górnicki from Mixer.

Transforming Media: YouTube Defines the Rules

It’s a classic: you become a journalist in a media outlet and gain a professional reputation, respect, and contacts there. But why do now so many journalists quit all those benefits and start their own YouTube channels instead? Darka Hirna, who is now more famous as a Ukrainian YouTuber than a journalist, talks about her own experience.

Transforming Media: The Power of Podcasts

Podcasts became highly popular approximately 10 years ago. This type of content became a hit in the Western world first. But recently, it’s gained rapid popularity and diversity in the CEE region. What attracts our audiences to it? Why should the media and NGOs pay attention to this kind of content? Hanna Nemeckova, an experienced podcast producer and a former journalist from the Czech Republic, is looking for answers to these questions and shares her results.

What Makes My Project Successful? A Story About a Good Podcast

Three experienced podcasters present their ways to monetise, engage the audience, and create content. However, unlocking podcast success is not only about podcasts: the approaches could be applied to different media projects. This session will bring together Bartek Przybyszewski and  Mateusz Witkowski from Podcastex, Zuzanna Olejniczak from Outriders, and Magda Birecka (TokFm). 

Brand New Crime and Investigations

Media investigations definitely benefit from the creative industry: podcasts and YouTube enabled direct interactions and brought access to expanded audiences. What effort does it take to build a YouTube channel for the investigation newsroom? Do all the media investigators really need it? Let’s listen to the YouTube creators who cover crimes: Semir Mujkić from BIRN, David Ilieski from IRL, Yanina Kornienko from Slidstvo.Info, and Ezanna Ćeman-Pervizaj from OCCRP as a moderator. 

Unmasking Influence. Social Change, Brought by New Media

The world of propaganda and conspiracy theories benefits from creative industries like any other narratives. In this discussion, we dive into how podcasts and YouTube help controversies and lies spread. But also we figure out what are the top approaches to oppose it. This topic will be discussed by Daryna Zarzhytska from Sebto Media, Kerim Hodžić from BIRN, and Marija Ćosić from CA “Why not”. 

Podcasts and YouTube. Balkan Turn

We dive into the Balkan market of YouTube channels and podcasts. What do people in the region watch and listen to? What are their preferences? Where do these trends bring us? First, a brief analysis of the Balkan podcast and YouTube industry is presented by Haris Dedović, chief editor of, followed by the trends which will be discussed by top creators in the Balkan region: Jelisaveta Miletić from, Adnan Baručija from Ona druga strana, Nedim Krajišnik from Besjede podcast, and Siniša Pašić – the creator of Inkubator podcast. 


To end the day on a positive note, there will be an experimental format in which the audience will watch/listen to 10 exotic, unusual, unrecognisable extracts from podcasts/YT channels and try to guess what they saw/heard. Later, the host of the DEMO session, Jakub Górnicki, will reveal what was demonstrated and which podcast/channel covered that topic.

Mixer acts as a support for media, journalists and creators who want to produce their own journalistic, multimedia or storytelling projects. They believe that the best journalism is achieved in a shared and inclusive way when it is open to many inputs, backgrounds and forms.

Through their work, they combine the practice of their journalists with research and other experts to get the best results. Through this approach, with the knowledge and experience they have, Mixer wants to get the best out of European journalism.

The full POINT Conference agenda is available here