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Podcasts and YouTube – Balkan Turn

June 16, 2023 | by: Dalio Sijah

Exploring the Rise of Podcasts and YouTube in the Balkan Region: insights and experiences on running niche podcasts and the impact they have had on various aspects of society.

Foto: Vanja Ćerimagić

Kicking off the final presentation panel of the first day of Point 1011, Jakub Górnicki from our parter organisation Mixer expressed his excitement to introduce Haris Dedović, whom he considers a personal favorite and an exceptional satirist. The floor was handed over to Haris, who wasted no time in acknowledging the time constraints but assured the audience that he would deliver a succinct yet compelling speech. Haris shared his personal journey, revealing his background as an ex-journalist and his realization of the repetitive formatting prevalent in television and radio programs.

Foto: Vanja Ćerimagić

Haris’s fascination with breaking away from these limitations led him to explore the world of podcasts. With a sincere passion for thought-provoking conversations, he embraced the freedom offered by this medium. Haris highlighted eight advantages that podcasts hold over traditional media, emphasizing the absence of time constraints, the freedom from editorial policies, and the assumption of audience knowledge. He also discussed the unique production style of podcasts, the potential financial flexibility they offer, and their ability to attract expert voices in specific fields. Finally, Haris underscored the role of the podcast host’s personality, an element that remains irreplaceable even in the age of artificial intelligence.

Following Haris’s insightful introduction, the panel shifted its focus to the four remarkable guests: Jelisaveta Miletić, Nedim Krajišnik, Siniša Pašić, and Adnan Baručija, each representing a unique podcasting niche. The discussion revolved around their podcasting journeys, the key factors contributing to their success, and the significant impact their podcasts have had on their respective fields:

Foto: Vanja Ćerimagić

Jelisaveta’s podcast focuses on addressing political topics, engaging young people, and challenging the prevailing notion that the younger generation is disinterested in politics. The panelists attributed her success to the unique approach of presenting political content in an engaging manner, which resonated with the audience. Despite facing challenges in securing sponsorships due to the political situation, Jelisaveta remains optimistic about gaining sponsors in the future as her podcast continues to grow.

Foto: Vanja Ćerimagić

Nedim’s podcast aims to advocate for better and more equal education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By leveraging the privilege of having access to influential individuals and innovative teachers, Nedim and his team saw podcasting as a powerful tool to share valuable insights and spark meaningful discussions about education. The podcast’s impact was evident as educational authorities became attentive to the issues raised, leading to increased accountability and limited censorship within the system.

Foto: Vanja Ćerimagić

Siniša shared his experience of running a podcast platform that hosts various podcasts catering to specific themes, such as sports, science, and gaming. He emphasized the importance of expanding content offerings to attract a diverse audience. Despite the initial challenges of introducing the concept of podcasts to Croatia, Siniša’s platform has gradually gained recognition and popularity. The process of scheduling content involved meticulous planning, guest selection, and frequent communication, demonstrating the significance of organization in managing a high volume of podcast production.

Foto: Vanja Ćerimagić

Adnan’s podcast focuses on sharing the life stories of successful individuals, delving into their backgrounds and journeys towards achievement. Adnan highlighted the delicate balance of ensuring guests feel comfortable while extracting intriguing stories from their lives. Through careful preparation and thoughtful questioning, Adnan succeeds in creating an engaging and authentic atmosphere, encouraging guests to share personal experiences that resonate with listeners.

The panel discussion on the power of podcasts shed light on the tremendous impact that niche content can have within the podcasting landscape. By adopting innovative approaches and addressing specific topics, these podcasters have succeeded in attracting and engaging their target audiences. Whether it is discussing politics, advocating for better education, offering diverse content, or exploring personal biographies, their podcasts have brought about positive changes, sparked conversations, and influenced decision-making within their respective fields.

The experiences shared by Jelisaveta, Nedim, Siniša, and Adnan serve as an inspiration for aspiring podcasters to explore niche content, employ unique strategies, and utilize the power of podcasting to make a significant impact on society. As podcasting continues to grow as a medium, it is evident that even smaller podcasts with focused themes can achieve meaningful outcomes and contribute to the advancement of various domains.


Author: Aldin Karahasanović