Apply to be a speaker at the POINT 10 Conference!

Our persistence made 10 years of existence! Let’s round it together! If you are an activist with relevant experience in developing a project related to the use of new technologies in fields of government accountability monitoring and/or open data, or if you just want to share your research or work that is related to technology, … Continued

Journalism and the Pandemic Challenges: Reporting about the Unknown

Pandemic has impacted the journalism profession in several ways. Gordana Bjeletić from Južne Vesti, a media outlet from southern Serbia, has pointed out that all the information, for all parts of the country, were coming out of one place, the Government of Serbia. So, correspondents of the media from Niš had to enquire about the … Continued

Personalization algorithms, misinformation in academia and Twitter brigades: Projects from the region

The latest edition of POINT 9.0 conference included presentations of multiple projects, initiatives and tools of civil society organizations developed in the past year, and all these occurred during the second day. Participants had an opportunity to learn about three projects from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.  Photo by Vanja Čerimagić Presentations by Uma … Continued

A decade after the Arab Spring

Since its first edition in February 2012, when we discussed the topic of the “Arab Spring” and the role of new technologies in a series of civil revolutions in the Arab world, the POINT conference has devoted much of its agenda to refer to the Middle East and North Africa region. A decade has passed … Continued

French elections during the pandemic – Estelle Cognacq, Franceinfo

We spoke with Estelle Cognacq, news director of the newsroom with the radio network called Franceinfo, about French municipal elections, which were held in two rounds in March and June 2020, and discussed the impact of the pandemic on many aspects of the electoral process in this country. In our conversation we focused on topics … Continued

Elections during the pandemic: Bosnia and Herzegovina has faced a number of challenges

On March 4th, 2021, POINT Talks held its second live event to discuss the most recent elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Following a brief presentation on disinformation by the panel moderator, Emir Zulejhić of UG Zašto Ne, the event featured a three-round discussion among the following distinguished panelists. Irena Hadžiabdić from the Central Election Committee … Continued

Would you like to be POINT conference ambassador?

Attention, former POINT Conference participants! If you had a great first experience with the POINT conference and are interested in returning to the conference and getting more involved in its organization, consider becoming a POINT Ambassador! As a POINT Ambassador, you would have the opportunity to engage with our global audience and regional communities to help … Continued

POINT conference call for fellows

Are you interested in technology, politics, and civil society? Do you engage with topics such as disinformation, elections, fact-checking, promise tracking, and institution monitoring? Are you passionate about transparency, accountability, integrity, civic participation, and truth? If the answer is yes, consider becoming a POINT Conference Fellow!  POINT Conference is one of the largest regional civil … Continued

Pandemic had a different impact on the election process in the Balkans

The first panel discussion on “POINT Talks” platform named “Elections during the pandemic: Case Balkan” shared the experiences of the electoral process in the SEE region, which took place last year during the Covid-19 pandemic. The elections that took place in the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro were the focus … Continued

Elections during the pandemic: Case Balkan

At the first online event at Point Talks platform we will discuss elections in SEE countries that happened during 2020. This event will be held on Friday, February 5th at 3 PM.  Among the countries who held elections are Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, so the first online panel at POINT … Continued