MySociety – “More Civic less tech”

Chief Executive of the MySociety, Mark Cridge talked about the Past, the Present and the Future of this e-democracy project of the UK-based registered charity named UK Citizens Online Democracy. It began as a UK-focused organisation with the aim of making online democracy tools for UK citizens. However,as those tools were open source, the code could be and soon was redeployed in other countries. MySociety … Continued

New European Politics – the Rise of the En Marche Movement

Arnaud Lumet started by explaining what “En Marche Movement” means. Moving the Republic forward. He stated that he worked in the campaign of the newly elected president Emmanuel Macron. Arnaud said that Macron was different candidate compared to previous presidents, and his approach was the most pragmatic way of problem-solving. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić En Marche Movement … Continued

Cycling Towards Smart Cities

In Novi Sad there is a new initiative which is revolving about smart cycling. This means trying to implement model of smart cycling as in Netherlands. It is worldwide trend, more and more countries are trying to switch to the smart cycling. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić In China there is a place called bicycles graveyard, it … Continued

The crisis of trust and accountability or the rise of fake news

Matt Stempeck, who coordinated the digital team at Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential race in Brooklyn has concluded that their failure stemmed from a number of reasons. The overarching factor was that everyone thought Hilary would be a safe win. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić Matt stated that in a 330 million people misinformation played a huge role and has argued that, while … Continued

Seven steps to become right wing populist

„How to become a right-wing populist in 7 easy steps“  is the title of the presentation by Yussi Pick from Pick & Barth Digital Strategies who described a model of behavior that right-wing populists use in their actions. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić Yussi has worked on small state delegate races as well as presidential races (Hillary … Continued

Using Technology to Counter Dangerous Speech

The topic that involves everyone, and that has become a serious problem in modern society. Rachel Brown presented what kinds of tools we can use to fight dangerous speech. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić Intergroup conflict is always linked through direct or indirect communication between these groups. This is particularly noticed in conflict in communication through social … Continued

The Howtos and HowNottos of Media Literacy

The main topic of today discussion is “How to teach citizens to communicate properly to media, and what the meaning of media literacy is”. Media literacy has become buzzword when it comes to countering fake news effectively. However, media literacy is not a key to everything as people appear to believe. It’s one of the benchmarks … Continued

Adam Chodikoff: Without credibility, the jokes mean nothing

Adam Chodikoff is a senior producer at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, where he worked from the very beginning. First two years Craig Kilborn hosted the show, but the focus of the show shifted when Jon Stewart took over. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić That’s the moment when the show became more politically oriented, and it … Continued

Culture scandals, public procurement irregularities and young leaders

Second part of regional presentations on POINT 7.0 conference offer us three presentations from Macedonia, Albania and Bosnia. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić “From (New) Cultural Wave to Cultural Scandal – Why research on budget for culture matter” was the presentation of Marija Pavleska and Ivana Nateska from Macedonia. They show us example of bad cultural policies … Continued

Building sustainable and holistic environments for civic tech projects

Darko Brkan from CA “Why not” as a moderator started discussion with “What is the best environment for civic society projects?” Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić With the raise of complex technology and tools people want to try to get the most impact in a very short time, people from civic tech want to see impact immediately … Continued

Role of the citizens in smart city governance

David Solomon from Thinking Cities has opened up the discussion by following up on the previously quoted piece of statistics where statistically only 9% of citizens are active in their cities. That, in turn has led to the discussion on both, the language and meaning of active citizen and citizenship and the need for deconstructing … Continued