Shining a light on invisible harassment: The perspective of fact-checkers and women journalists

The final panel of the POINT 1011 Conference focused on online and visible harassment female journalists and fact-checkers face daily, the influence of public figures on harassment and enabling narratives.  Photo: Vanja Čerimagić The panel focused on the discussion between four female media workers: Jennifer Adams (Pen to Paper), Nabeelah Shabbir (International Center for Journalists),  … Continued

Feminist Tech Policies

The penultimate panel of the POINT 1011 dealt with feminist tech policies. The moderator Tajana Broz talked with Corinna Vetter from SUPERRR Lab, a laboratory for feminist digital futures. SUPERRR Lab is a non-profit organization that works at the interface between technology and society.  When asked about her feminist approach, Corinna said that it is … Continued

Disinformation Inc. – Monetization built on deceit

At this panel of the POINT 1011 Conference, speakers discussed how ads end up on websites that spread disinformation and how those websites make money. Speakers also presented the results of some research on this topic. Photo: Vanja Čerimagić This panel included the following speakers: Roberta Schmid from NewsGuard, Craig Silverman from ProPublica and Stefan … Continued

Food for thought: Is AI moving fast and breaking things?

After the memorable Point Breakfast Buffet and very productive panel about innovations in fighting disinformation, moderator Antonella Napolitano opened the “Is AI Moving Fast And Breaking Things?” panel. In the opening remarks, Antonella expressed her joy of being back at the POINT Conference and stated the fact that this panel was just before lunchtime so … Continued

Trying to get ahead of the curve: Innovations in fighting disinformation

The second panel of the second day of the POINT 1011 Conference was all about discussing innovative ways to counter the spread of disinformation. The panel was moderated by Darko Brkan from CA “Why not”, and the panellists were Chloé Fiodiere from Journalism Trust Initiative, Matt Stempeck from Civic Tech Field Guide, Vukašin Petrović from … Continued

POINT breakfast buffet: Political accountability, media ownership, science journalism and many more

The second day of the 11th edition of the POINT Conference kicked off with the POINT breakfast buffet, somehow a different form of the conference, whose interesting concept brought together speakers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Slovenia, Georgia, Czech Republic and Belgium. Hosted by Danira Karović and Dalio Sijah (CA “Why … Continued

What makes my project successful – A story about a good podcast

On this panel, we could hear stories from a few podcasters from Poland. Speakers on this panel were  Zuzanna Olejniczak (Outriders),  Magda Birecka (TokFm) and Bartek Przybyszewski and Mateusz Witkowski (Podcastex). Photo: Vanja Čerimagić Zuzanna Olejniczak, who is representing Outriders podcast, talked about how they engage their audience. The first episode of Outriders was released … Continued

Unmasking influence – Social change brought by new media: YouTube and podcasts have a great potential for building communities

As part of the panel called “Unmasking influence – Social change brought by new media”, created in collaboration with Mixer, our speakers discussed the role of new media formats, such as podcasts and YouTube, in spreading false information and propaganda and how to fight it.   Photo: Vanja Čerimagić The panel was moderated by Marija … Continued

Embracing the “green” Internet

The second panel of the POINT 1011 Conference tackled the issue of technology and the environment. One of the topics was greenwashing, a practice when a company makes an environmental claim about something the organization is doing that is intended to promote a sense of the environmental impact that doesn’t exist. Photo: Vanja Čerimagić The … Continued

Transforming the media: How Youtube and podcasts changed the media space

The third and fourth panels at the POINT 1011 Conference, held on the 15th of June 2023, discussed the effects of Youtube and podcasts as default outlets in the (social) media space in recent history. Darka Hirna from Faces Of Independence (Ukraine) and Hanna Nemeckova from Seznam Zprávy spoke at the panel about the influence … Continued

How to spin an invasion? The mechanisms and goals of Russian propaganda

Speakers at the opening panel of the POINT 1011 Conference discussed the propaganda narratives on the war in Ukraine, the ways they emerged or were amplified, and the efforts to map the flow of such disinformation. Photo: Vanja Čerimagić The eleventh POINT Conference (Political responsibility and new technologies) opened in the Youth Centre (“Dom mladih”) … Continued