The business community in the digital era of disinformation

The second and final day of the Point 10 Conference concluded with the panel, which reflected the connection and correlation of the business community in the digital era of disinformation. Photo by Vanja Čerimagić The moderator of this panel was Alexandra Karppi from the Center for International Private Enterprise – CIPE, and the participants were … Continued

Economic migrations and brain drain

The panel opened with a talk about the alarming situation in the Western Balkans. All countries in the region face the same problem – young people are massively leaving abroad, searching for a better future. What makes this problem even harder to comprehend is the fact that most of the countries in the region do … Continued

When civil society does politics

The activism that civil society organizations (CSOs) perform gets a whole new dimension when they decide to enter politics and run for office. Why should more CSOs try to influence politics from the “inside”, but also what are the negative effects of these attempts, was a topic of the “When civil society does politics” panel, … Continued

Ten years into the Open Government Partnership

The second day of the Point 10 Conference started off with a panel in partnership with the Open Government Partnership (OGP), where we reflected on the first decade of OGP. Photo by Vanja Čerimagić Moderator of this panel, Danira Karović from CA “Why not” shared that this is one of her favorite topics and recollected … Continued

Fight for media credibility in the age of polarization and algorithms

The integrity of media and information in the digital age is a decade-long topic oven through all installments of the Point Conference. This was the main focus of the panel “Fight for media credibility”. The moderator of the panel Tijana Cvjetićanin asked panelists to give some sort of diagnosis of where we are right now … Continued

Stories from the region and beyond – part 1

Stories from the region and beyond – part 1 included topics of public information, fact-checking and disinformation. Photo by Vanja Čerimagić This session was started by Teona Tomashvili from Forest with her presentation “On the road to creating Georgia’s largest database“. She briefly explained why they created the database, what lessons they had learned and … Continued

The tenth edition of the POINT Conference is live: Let’s round it together

Under the slogan “Let’s round it together”, the tenth edition of the POINT Conference started on the 2nd of June in Sarajevo! Photo by Vanja Čerimagić Darko Brkan, director of CA “Zašto ne”, greeted the speakers and participants and thanked everyone for coming to the POINT Conference. “It’s been a pleasure to do this year … Continued

The ninth POINT conference is successfully completed

The POINT 9.0 conference, organized under the name “Coming home” was conducted from 11 – 13 November in Sarajevo’s Dom mladih (Youth Center), where it gathered up to 200 participants from the Southeast Europe region, but also from all over the world. During numerous panel discussions and presentations, participants looked at the impact of the … Continued