Pandemic and the Future of Tech

This session opened up a discussion about the future of tech after the pandemic and how the pandemic influenced technology development. Panelists addressed technology development from a futuristic perspective and discussed where it could go in the future and what it might bring. Will it have a more utopian or dystopian perspective? Should we worry … Continued

The Future of Events – Are They Changed Forever? The importance of networking

The Future of Events – Are They Changed Forever? session sparked the discussion about the changes that Covid-19 pandemic brought on live events and the things we learned from having numerous offline events throughout it. The session was moderated by Darko Brkan, a leading civil society activist and the executive director of CA “Zašto ne” … Continued

Pre-lunch duels: Similar projects, different challenges

During the Pre-lunch duels, individuals from BiH, Serbia and Slovenia came together to discuss their projects regarding communication between citizens and public officials, and measurements of openness in transparency. During the first part of the Pre-lunch duels, Selma Ašćerić from Javna rasprava (BiH) and Milan Babić from Proaktv (Serbia) discussed the inner work of their … Continued

Stories from the Region: Part I – wildfires, IT skills and PPPs

During all previous editions of POINT conference, presentations of multiple projects, initiatives and tools of civil society organizations developed in the past year, were an important part of the programme, and the same goes for this edition of the conference. The first part of the panel allowed us to attend presentations of several projects and … Continued

“Experts gone wild”: Science communication at the time of the pandemic

The fourth panel, moderated by Tijana Cvjetićanin from CA “Zašto ne”, hosted a very engaging discussion about the issues with communicating scientific facts in the time of the pandemic. The panelists were Jelena Kalinić, a biologist and science journalist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Almir Aljović, a neuroscientist currently pursuing PhD in Germany and the … Continued

Big Tech Getting Bigger

The third panel of this year’s Point conference was moderated by Jelena Berković, and it opened up a discussion on issues related to disinformation, politics, civil society, as well as democratic development and societal development in general. This panel focused on how the pandemic has impacted tech giants and overall life regarding the influence that … Continued

The Value of Human Rights in a Pandemic: Rights in Proportionality

Since the beginning of the pandemic, human rights and freedom of speech came under scrutiny when countries started imposing COVID-19 related restrictive measures and when the vaccines became available. Pandemic and lockdowns also impacted the quality of life of marginalized groups and the increase of domestic violence cases.  What are the risks that pandemics hold … Continued

Work Reimagined: Individual needs and teamwork

The Work Reimagined session, moderated by CA Why Not’s program manager Danira Karović, gathered progressive young speakers to discuss the future and reimagination of work. The session’s speakers discussed the advantages and disadvantages of offline/online/hybrid modes of operation, organization of meetings, teamwork in different conditions and models of work, use of online tools, working hours … Continued

Fact-checking principles are universal, but tactics and strategies to implement them might not be

The third panel discussion on “POINT Talks” platform, named Fact-checking community: Where we are and what tomorrow brings? brought together some of the leaders in the fact-checking community to rethink several core questions important for the future of fact-checking. Moderated by Tijana Cvjetićanin from “Zašto ne” (“Why not”), the panel took a look at what … Continued