Share Labs Data Stories: What corporations know about us from metadata

During the POINT 6.0 conference, from May 24-27th, Kriterion hosted an exhibition of visualised data, “Data Stories” by Share Labs. The exhibition was presented by Vladan Joler, Share Foundation’s director and a professor in the Department for New Media in Novi Sad University.   In is discussion with Feđa Kulenović, an independent information expert, Joler … Continued

POINT 6.0 officially open!

By presenting the ActionSEE network and delivering the “Balkan fact-check award”, the sixth POINT Conference kicked off today in Kriterion in Sarajevo. POINT will gather the representatives from southeastern and eastern Europe, North Africa, Middle East and all over the world. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić The conference was opened by Darko Brkan, the president of … Continued

Advocacy day: Openness Should Be the Policy of Every Government

Point 6.0 conference started with the Advocacy Day and the very first public presentation of the results and recommendations gathered though the new project Regional Openness Index 2016. The Openness Index is a tool for measuring openness of public institutions, designed to cover broad issues, but always paying attention to their effect on citizens and … Continued

Pavle Dimitrijević: Politics is not reserved only for politicians

In search for the answer on how to make things better, Pavle Dimitrijević became member of “Center for research, transparency and accountability – CRTA” team. CRTA is active since 2010, and the team gathers young activists who are advocating for implementation of the concept of accountability in a society. Pavle is a lawyer in the … Continued

Is online “de-radicalization” possible?

How to fight against online violent extremism and how to prevent its impact in the real world are some of the questions which will be discussed on POINT this year during a panel discussion about online extremism, “de-radicalization” and fight against extreme narratives on online channels and social media. De-radicalization and its possibilities are something … Continued

Dejan Vinković: Growing anger against the elites is a very powerful political force

Dejan Vinković is a professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Split, Croatia and a director of a private non-profit research institute, “Science and Society Synergy Institute” in Čakovec, Croatia. His research interests include a wide range of topics – astrophysics, social economics, biomechanics, visualization, data analysis and statistics of politics … Continued

POINT 6.0 program is out!

How to make government more open and transparent? How to fight against undemocratic governments? Is online “de-radicalization” possible and how to protect privacy online? How did social networks influence results of Brexit? How and why did Donald Trump win presidential election in the US? Did fake news, that were spread from this area, contribute to … Continued

How did social networks influence the result of Brexit?

The UK referendum on leaving the European Union has drawn  a great deal of attention throughout the world. Social networks had a major role in shaping public opinion during the “Brexit” campaign and, according to many, have ultimately decided the outcome of the referendum. What guided the “for” and “against” campaigns in the UK prior … Continued

How to educate citizens about taxes they pay?

How are taxes collected? How are they distributed and consumed within the budget? How is budget drawn? How many types of taxes exist? How are taxes being spent? These are all questions that people often do not know the answers, and the authorities rarely offer them. Many interesting online tools are created around the world … Continued

Pussy Riot Theater is coming at POINT conference

For the first time in Sarajevo, POINT 6.0 Conference will host members of globally known Russian activist group “Pussy Riot” and their new project “Pussy Riot Theater”. This will be the first regional performance of the play, entitled “Riot Days”, being premiered in eight cities of the United States in March this year. The show is … Continued

How did Oraclum predict the victory of Donald Trump

Oraclum Intelligence System, a British-Croatian start-up based in Cambridge has become globally known when they, contrary to the most polls and predictions, incredibly accurate, predicted the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential race in the United States. One of the founders of the company, physicist Dejan Vinković will be an exhibitor at the panel … Continued

The Real History of the World, as the sees it

“We did not start from the beginning with this book, for a simple reason, we could not figure it out what the beginning is,” Viktor Marković from explained the process of working on the book The Real History of the World. At the end, the book starting from “biblical times” and ends with the … Continued

Power to the IT Girls

There aren’t that many similarities between Bosnia and UK, but one was found during this session in POINT 5.0 – both need more girls in the IT sector. And both countries do have brave young women trying to fix this. In Bosnia, it is Erma Mulabdić and her team It Girls. Elma said that, in … Continued

No more free speech

Under the light coming only from mobile phones of people present in the Kriterion, the sixth session of the Point 2016 conference started. The topic is freedom of expression and fear of censorship, a dark field illuminated only by people who are fighting against it. Matthew Stender ( introduced the work of this organization, warning about … Continued