Role of the citizens in smart city governance

David Solomon from Thinking Cities has opened up the discussion by following up on the previously quoted piece of statistics where statistically only 9% of citizens are active in their cities. That, in turn has led to the discussion on both, the language and meaning of active citizen and citizenship and the need for deconstructing … Continued

SEE region, its challenges and opportunities

The session Stories from the SEE region has, quite self-explanatory, included practices from around the region that are worth discussing. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić Firstly, Slaven Raskovic has introduced an example from Croatia called the Mosaic of connections which enables research journalist, researchers, activists to explore the connections of politically exposed persons that exists in database. … Continued

The Overview of Platforms in Region for Making Parliaments Open to Citizens

The discussion was started with introduction of the todays speakers Damir Damjanovic from CA WHy Not, Xhensila Gjura from Lex Ferenga, Žiga Vrtačić from Parlametar, Melisa Skender from GONG, and Shqipe Krasniqi from Assembly of Kosovo and moderator for the session was Aida Ajanovic from CA Why Not. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić When talking about these … Continued

How Can Readership Influence Digital Age Journalism

Ana Benačić from GONG welcomed Jeremy Druker from Transitions and Aliaume Leroy from Belling Cat who talked about journalism in the world of digital communication, and how to get quality and credible stories into digital world. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić Jeremy Druker presented three projects that are supposed to bring back trust in media reporting. Media … Continued

Disinformation as a Trojan horse of foreign hostile influence?

The discussion about disinformation in the news and its influence on both political and social aspects of different societies started by Dr Emir Suljagic, who was moderator of this panel, by introducing the speakers: Lucas Graves from University of Wisconsin- Madison and Miriam Lexmann from International Republican Institute (IRI). Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić Lucas stated that … Continued

The Future of Tech – Dystopia or Utopia

Ania Ankowska moderated the panel on the future of technology, legislation need in IT industry, and vulnerabilities for everyday internet users. Experts on that topic were Rysiek Rashiq from OCCRP and Filip Dobranovic from Today is new day. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić At the beginning of the session Rysiek talked about regulations. He said that those … Continued

How to Champion Institutional Openness in SEE – Regional Benchmarking?

The first panel discussion of Point Conference which has put in to perspective over Institutional Openness and how to properly do regional benchmarking. As a speakers at opening panel of conference there were Aida Ajanovic from CA Why not, Pavle Dimitrijevic from CRTA, Vullent Kabashi as as IT Director from Parliament of Kosovo​, Blerina Ramaj from Open … Continued

POINT 7.0 Kicked off with Dance

We danced our way into the beginning of POINT 7.0 conference. Because the POINT conference is all about us, together we welcomed three random people from the audience to do whatever they want. Naturally, they choose to dance. Photos by: Vanja Čerimagić After this very unusual opening Darko Brkan invited Milena Gvozdenović from Center for Democratic … Continued