POINT W Day in Banja Luka

On May 25th CA “Why not” in cooperation with Internews in BiH organized a Freedom of Expression day in Banja Luka, as a part of the 2016 Point 5.0 Conference. The main focus of the conference was Freedom of Expression in Bosnia & Herzegovina, as well as in the region.   Darko Brkan, from Zašto ne? … Continued

Freedom of Expression Online Between Corporate and Government Censorship

We live in times of serious restriction regarding online freedom of expression. Not even democratic societies are free from censorship. Freedom of expression is essential to the free exchange of information and ideas, therefore it’s crucial for maintaining democratic values in society. Government censorship is usually very open, arresting people over tweets and facebook posts … Continued

“How to cross the bridge” with TechSoup Balkans

TechSoup Balkans helps nonprofit organizations and libraries to access the technology resources and knowledge they need to operate at their full potential.   Each month more than 287,000 individuals visit TechSoup.org to make informed technology decisions, become part of a community and request product donations. As their partner, TechSoup Balkans continuously work on promoting the … Continued

Technology, Journalism, and some Papers from Panama

What do you know about Panama Papers? – the biggest data leak in the history that exposed over 11.5 million documents with hidden secrets of governments and high-ranking politicians all over the globe. If you don’t know a lot, or if you want to know more, POINT 5.0 will host a panel on Technology, Journalism, … Continued

Scaling tech: what works and what not?

On Friday at POINT 5.0 Day 2, a session on “Scaling tech: what works and what not?” will be held at Art Cinema Kriterion with start at 17:40 PM.   Organizations that will participate on this session are Faktograf.hr, first fact-checking platform in Croatia, Fundament from Poland that aims is to develop democracy, open and … Continued

Girls in the IT world

Why should girls engage in programming  will be the theme at panel discussion titled “Girls in Tech,” which will be held on Friday,  27th of May from 17:00h. On this panel, BiH. initiative “IT Girls” will be presented,  which aims to strengthen the role of women in the IT community, and it will be presented … Continued

Open data in Albania

All countries of the Western Balkans have joined, in recent years, the Partnership for Open Government and Albania is one of the regional leaders in this field. What are the experiences of this country in the process of opening public data, how did the process progres and how far did it advance, we’ll talk at … Continued

Skopje 2014 – Using Cool Apps to Expose Corrupt Government

BIRN Macedonia has developed an interactive app for Android devices called “Skopje 2014 Uncovered” that allows users to know the cost of buildings and monuments that form part of the government sponsored revamp of the capital. BIRN’s new app lists all the edifices that are included in the BIRN’s official database of buildings, new facades, … Continued

Citizens in the parliamentary benches through online platform

How can citizens influence the legislative process through an online platform, is a  Panel theme at this year’s POINT conference that will be held on Friday 27th of May at 11:00 Through 45 minutes of the panel discussions, the conference participants will be introduced to javnarasprava.ba a web platform that allows direct participation of citizens … Continued

Civil activism and elections in Ukraine and Russia

Ukrainian crisis and Russian-Ukrainian relations, was obligatory theme at the previous two POINT conferences, so this year there will be another panel discussion regarding this subject, that will be held 26th of May at 18:00h. About the elections and perspectives of civil activism in these two countries at the fifth edition of POINT conference, will … Continued