Book promotion: “Feb waited the pen”

As part of this year’s POINT conference, there will be held a promotion of the collection ofshort stories  “Feb waited the pen” by Brano Mandić from Montenegro.The promotion will be held in the Kriterion 26th of May at 19: 00h. The promotion will be moderated by journalist and publicist Senad Pećanin, founder and a longtime … Continued

Elections in the Balkans – What can citizens do?

Parliamentary elections in Serbia were completed a few weeks ago, Macedonia will have parliamentary elections in June while local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be held in October. This year Montenegro will also have a parliamentary elections. In all these countries, civil society is actively involved in the elections process through numerous campaigns, and … Continued

TV Fact-checking – How to reach prime time news

TV factchecking has become extremely popular around the world in the past few years, which is proved by the large viewership of shows whose editors and producers will try to bring the essence of their work in creating video content, on the panel during POINT 5.0 Conference. The panel discussion that will be held on … Continued

I walk freely – platform for abuse report

Kosovo Organisations Open Data Kosovo, Girls Coding Kosovo and Kosovo Women’s Network, have developed a simple and useful Android app through which one can report sexual violence, and the application will be presented to the POINT 5.0 conference on 27th of May at 11:40h. The application “Walk Freely” allows anonymous reporting sexual abuse, which is … Continued

Motivating stories from the Balkan – Experiences and good practices

On the 27th of May, POINT 5.0 – Day 2, a session about Motivating stories from the Balkans will take place. Representatives of various organizations fromt the region, will share their experiences and good practices. Session will start at 10:00 in Art Cinema Kriterion. Speakers of this panel are: Sead Halilović from C.A. Ceterum Censeo … Continued

The refugee crisis and Technology

Wave of refugees travelling from Syria and other Middle East countries to Europe, that started last summer, touched greatly many Balkan countries from Greece to Slovenia. A big number of refugees, on their way to Europe, were often left on their own in everyday situations,  which prompted many activists, from the countries through which they … Continued

TV Satire – How to make politics interesting on the screen

The team of Serbian portal  has been working for the last three years with Zoran Kesic on the script for the show “24 minutes”, which was based on the model of the Daily Show and Colbert Report, and has become one of the most popular shows in Serbia. Croatian satirical portal News bar,  which … Continued

Movie screening: „The Yes Men are Revolting“

This year POINT 5.0 conference will organize a screening of a documentary movie „The Yes Men are Revolting“ with Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum in main roles. Screening is scheduled for Thursday 26th of May at 7PM at Art House Cinema Kriterion. This movie is directed by Laura Nix and The Yes Men and it’s … Continued

POINT 5.0 conference from 25th to 28th of May

The 5th POINT conference (Political accountability and new technologies), will take place from 25th to 28th of May 2015. Art Cinema Kriterion (Sarajevo) will, once again, host POINT from May 26-28th, while on May 25th POINT 5.0 travels to Banja Luka for the Day of advocacy for online freedom of expression (POINT W Day). Like … Continued

TV fact-checking at POINT 5.0

On Wednesday, 25th of May, as a part of 5th edition of POINT conference, a workshop on fact-checking will be held. Moderation of this workshop will be done by editors and producers from famous fact-checking shows all over Europe. Workshop will gather representatives of various fact-checking portals, initiatives and media from the region. The venue … Continued

Day of online freedom of expression: POINT W Day

As a part of this year’s POINT 5.0 conference, on the 25th of May, 2016, Musical pavilion in the Park of Petar Kocic bb, (Banja Luka) will host ‘Day of advocacy for online freedom of expression’ – POINT W Day. This POINT W Day will gather experts from the field of freedom of espression, representatives of … Continued

Promotion of the book: ”The Real history of the world”

POINT 5.0 will host the crew from Serbian satirical portal, that will, at the end of the conference’s second day 27th of May at 19:30h, present their third, recently published book ”The Real history of the world”. Book will be presented by Marko Dražić, Viktor Marković i Darko Crnogorac alias Soko Sokolović.     … Continued